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We love Hazelnuts. Whether paired with cheese, chocolate or baked into a tart, Hazelnuts are, for me, one of the best culinary examples of the classic ‘Win-Win’. Delicious, and thoroughly good for you to boot.

Despite this, it seems that the vast majority of hazelnut cultivars available to the modern grower are often left by the wayside.

You’d be lucky to find any variation on the common hazel in many garden centres, which is a real shame when considering the vast spectrum of qualities available with just a little horticultural experimentation.

We don’t grow or eat a huge deal of Hazelnuts in this country. A mystery further emphasised when considering their suitability for our – how do I say this nicely – ‘Unique’ British climate.

Unlike their Chestnut & Walnut contemporaries, these hardy little shrubs are particularly well suited to our unpredictable weather, producing healthy crops after even the bleakest of summers.

There’s no reason then that we, as a country, shouldn’t be self-sufficient in this fabulous little nut.

Well, perhaps there’s not a huge deal we can do about that on a national scale. However, just a couple of mature hazels in the back garden can keep you in delicious hazelnuts year-round.

That leads us nicely onto our glimpse into some of our favourite hazelnut cultivars, each well suited to just about any British garden, and offering a huge range of unique variations on this wonderful food.

Our Favourite All Round Hazelnut Cultivars

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Top Hazelnut Cultivars for the Uk Example of Hazelnut shrub
  • Cosford – A reliable cropper across a range of different micro-climates. Excellent pollinator if you’re planning on planting more than a few plants. Decently sized nut with good flavour.
  • Hall’s Giant – Hugely prolific cropper of very large nuts. A very vigorous cultivar which will require regular pruning in order to maintain high yields. Good flavour.
  • Kentish Cob – An old variety. Compact growth with good disease resistance and a hardy nature. Reasonable yields with a fantastic flavour profile.
  • Webb’s Prize Cobnut – Another compact variety. Very high yields of large nuts with fantastic flavour. Particularly suitable for wetter areas of the country.
  • Pearson’s Prolific – High yields of reasonably sized, sweet tasting nuts. More vigorous than either Webb’s or Kentish varieties.

Our Favourite Exotic Hazelnut Cultivars

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Best hazelnut varieties for the Uk, example of nut produced by Hazelnut Tree
  • Butler – A vigorous variety. Large yields of brilliant tasting nuts when in favourable conditions. North American in origin and more disease prone in wetter climates than many domestic cultivars.
  • Corabel – A great pollinator, useful if planting more than a handful of hazels. Very high quality nuts with a very heavy potential yield in favourable conditions. French in origin and perhaps best suited to warmer areas of the country.
  • Gunslebert – Inconsistent crops of great tasting nuts with a reasonably heavy potential yield. German in origin.
  • Lange Tidling Zeller – Quite a vigorous variety, German origins. Reliably heavy yields of good flavoured nuts. Smaller average size than most other featured cultivars.
  • Longue De Espagne – French origins. A more compact variety suited to warmer areas of the country. Fantastic flavoured nuts however yield can be inconsistent in less favourable conditions.

Value Options

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best Hazelnut varieties for the Uk climate, purple catkin from purple Flibert shrub
  • Filbert (Unnamed) – Considerably cheaper to buy than named varieties. We have had much success growing unnamed Filberts for nut production on a small scale, although these plants will generally show more variation than named varieties.
  • Purple Filbert (Unnamed) – As above, except these cultivars display deep purple leaves. A highly ornamental cultivar.


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