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Our Apples

At our farm, our approach to apple cultivation is rooted in tradition and a deep respect for nature. Instead of following conventional methods, we've chosen to nurture a diverse collection of rare heritage apple varieties.

What sets us apart is our commitment to eco-friendly practices; we forgo the use of pesticides and herbicides, allowing our trees to thrive in harmony with their natural environment. Our hands-on, traditional pruning methods ensure that our apple trees remain robust and healthy.

It's all about cultivating apples that not only taste exceptional but also reflect our dedication to sustainable and mindful farming practices.

Why Grow Apples This Way?

Reduced Disease and Pests: By avoiding pesticides and herbicides, our apples are less susceptible to harmful chemicals, resulting in healthier, disease-resistant trees and fruit.

Better for the Environment: Our eco-conscious approach minimizes the environmental impact of apple cultivation. It promotes biodiversity, reduces chemical runoff, and supports a more sustainable ecosystem.

Tastier Apples: Apples grown in harmony with nature tend to have richer, more complex flavors. Our heritage varieties are a testament to this, delivering a taste that's truly exceptional.

Healthier Trees: Traditional pruning methods allow our apple trees to develop strong structures and optimal branch distribution, enhancing their overall health and longevity.

Nutrient-Rich Soil: By avoiding synthetic chemicals, we preserve the vitality of the soil, ensuring it remains rich in nutrients for our trees to thrive.

Local Ecosystem Support: Our pesticide-free approach contributes to a healthier local ecosystem, benefiting not only our apple trees but also the wildlife that depends on it.

Ogi Farm

Apple trees is how we got started here on the farm. We've planted hundreds of trees, harvested tons of apples and learned more than we ever could have imagined since about taking good care of an organic Orchard such as this.

We're a family business of two (not including the chickens) and are super passionate about producing the best tasting, diverse, healthy apples around. We've got dozen of varieties here growing on the farm and will continue planting more as we find them.