Ogi Farm Heritage fruit trees

Based in the Afan Valley, just outside of the town of Port Talbot – Ogi Farm is a small family run operation. Our site is made up of around 12 acres of old coal-field, a piece of land which has been in the family for decades.

Our Orchards cover around 10 acres of this land and are planted using permaculture principles. Planting in this way allows us to avoid spraying & fertilising to anywhere near the same degree as your standard commercial Orchard, producing what we feel are more naturally healthy crops of both produce and plants.

We genuinely love what we do, and have a passion for working with both unusual and often forgotten, heritage varieties of numerous fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants.

The majority of our plants are pot-grown, either from seed or cuttings from our jam-packed field of stock varieties. It is our hope that we can introduce many of you to some of the amazing plants and produce which we take pride in producing.

And in this vein we aim to begin selling our first run of 100% Organic, home-grown stock from the end of 2021 onwards.

ogi farm quality heritage fruit
ogi farm quality heritage fruit
ogi farm quality heritage fruit

Everything we offer is 100% Organically grown, right here on our small farm in sunny South Wales. We grow using permaculture principles, mingling our plants among beneficial herbs & spices as a natural pest deterrent.

They say variety is the spice of the growers life, and here at Ogi Farm we love us something a little bit different. We’re constantly scouring the globe for lesser known varieties of Fruit & Vegetable, as well as breeding our very own cultivars here on the farm.

Growing plants can be a lot of work, and doing it right even more so. We love what we do and think that shows in the quality of our Plants, Produce and Products. We’re always striving to be better and will continually look at how we can raise happier plants and healthier crops.